31 December 2019


I have always been fascinated by politics. Back in mid 90s I developed The Australian Politics Resource, the first website of its kind in Australia. Many of the major political parties got their web feet wet through that site. In its heyday it attracted over 1 million visitors a year.

Politics is the means by which people with different views arrive at a common course of action.

The days of The Australian Politics Resource are over. It was supplanted by Wikipedia and its thousands of contributors. Wikipedia provides far more comprehensive coverage than one man could ever hope to provide. Today APR exists only in the books, footnotes and citations of the academics who made use of it.

APR may be gone but political issues remain. One that I am particularly interested in is reducing the incidence of domestic violence.

31 December 2019

Site Development

This is a WordPress site running on a Lightsail instance hosted by Amazon.

The original version of this website was taken over by scammers in late 2019 and so badly damaged it had to be burned with fire.

I rebuilt the site with a closer eye to security and disaster recovery. It now uses Askimet anti-spam, Jetpack security and Vaultpress for off-site backup. I also gave the theme author due credit and bought Authors Notepad, the premium version of his work.  I hope you enjoy the result.

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