12 May 2021

Petition Marketing Scams

Petition marketing scams are on-line petitions that only exist to harvest personal details for marketing purposes.

We have all seen it on Facebook. A photo of a cute animal, a story about a nasty foreign corporation harming it and a call for people to sign a petition to stop it happening. Who can resist? But it is probably a scam.

The clue is when you can’t sign the petition without providing a phone number. Why do they make the phone number mandatory? Because the ONLY reason for the petition is to harvest your name and phone number so they can call you up a few days later and ask for money. The petition is just a marketing scam.

Wouldn’t it be great if we could sign petitions about things we care about without being harassed on the phone by marketing contractors for weeks or months afterward? The solution is simple: make it illegal to use information gathered from petitions in marketing campaigns.


Ban Petition Marketing Scams – Protest should be free