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Domestic Violence Policy Simulator

I am concerned domestic violence funding in Australia may be misallocated. Allocation currently assumes men are nearly always the aggressors and women the victims. Many studies find this is not the case, and that men and women are equally likely to initiate domestic violence

This project will create an interactive domestic violence simulation that allows a user to experiment with different funding allocations and predict the likely result.

Simulation of funding allocation

Reduce Female initiated DV
Reduce Male initiated DV

Housing Model

In 2023 there were 26,821,557 people in Australia and 10,879,349 dwellings.
The model starts at this point and assumes the same number of people per dwelling to maintain the standard of living.
The building industry is operating at capacity to increase dwelling numbers by 1.42% per year.
The birth rate is 1.2085 % and the death rate is 0.6787%.
Set immigration arrivals per year to prevent a deficit in available housing.
New Dwellings:0
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