24 July 2020

Project Management

This page is a collection of notes taken during my graduate certificate studies in project management.

The six critical questions

1. The strategic question
What is the business rationale for this project?

2. The stakeholder question
What do different stakeholders expect of the project?

3. The activities and processes question
What will it involve us in doing?

4. The capabilities question
Do we have what’s necessary to do it?

5. The impacts question
What do we do as a result of the project?

6. The outputs question
How will you and the client know when you have achieved a milestone and/or completed the project?

Business Case

A business case should:

  • be documented
  • record decisions
  • link to strategic plan/s
  • be reviewed regularly
  • have measurable benefits (e.g. time frame)
  • scope change management of projects.


Governance includes:

  • justification
  • approval
  • gateways
  • funding
  • reviews
  • benefit realisation.


OnQ is the project management framework of the Department of Transport and Main Roads.